“When art becomes a performance, the beauty is in the connection with the others”.

Tzvetan Todorov book, “The Beauty will save the world”.
Wilde, Rilke and Cvetaeva


The Fondazione ARIA was established as a cultural circle and aims to be a venue for confirmation and innovation of the entrepreneur as a leading player in social progress and enhancement of the quality of life of all citizens, suggesting cultural actions in synergy with managers, teachers, professionals, celebrities, and cultural associations, which are the driving force behind a series of cultural events both inside and outside of the corporate context, targeting students and citizens in order to enable global communication for the promotion of the region.

The projects promoted by the foundation will be supported jointly by public and private, local and European entities, gradually engaged to become starting supporters of lasting projects conceived for the benefit of society as a whole, by virtue of a complementary anticipated benefit, both in terms of increased productivity and corporate reputation, and for the opportunity to put to use the enormous but under-utilized economic and business, human, cultural, historical, architectural and environmental heritage of the region of Abruzzo, and all the international territories with which the foundation will interact.

Considering art and intellectual generators of intellectual and philosophical stimuli which, if inserted into the production system can innovate the actual corporate mechanism, this project focuses on the themes of the enterprise’s social responsibility because it is basically aimed to improve the quality of life in the long term, understood as the potential for citizens to stimulate intellectual capacity and desire for knowledge, living in a healthier relationship of respect, with the environment freed of visual, acoustic and atmospheric pollution, ensuring development in social relationships, greater sense of responsibility and belonging to the local reality.

The novelty lies in the fact that most companies are expressions of a territory and they synergistically initiate actions of production and dissemination of contemporary art and culture in a technologically advanced society, aimed at renewing formation processes for territorial wealth, so as to make economic and employment use of the huge yet under-utilized cultural, historical, architectural and environmental heritage of the Abruzzo region.


To create a shared space of mutual and fruitful contamination between cultural production, industry and territory to be understood as community, institutions and environment, to becomes a driver of sustainable development coordinate by all the stakeholders

To promote knowledge of the cultural situation of Abruzzo both with the region’s residents (with particular attention to educating students) and through outreach, disseminating a new image of Abruzzo as a land of strong traditions, but also of contemporary cultural innovation in all artistic disciplines, enabling synergies and promoting its activities at key art venues at international level.

To renew the processes of education and dissemination of territorial culture and wealth, via a greater social impact of culture, creation of cultural districts structured as enterprises, where activities will take on multidisciplinary structure pursuing the principle of professionalism in each cultural context involved.
Particular attention will be paid to training students of all levels, as well as citizens, with the help of professionals, and will be implemented in multiple products: education, events, artwork production, art awards, publishing, gadgets, etc., for all the cultural areas involved.

  • Historical and contemporary humanist culture – visual arts; performing arts; music; fashion; videos.
  • Craft and local culture – food and health; crafts, botanical gardens.
  • Industrial, scientific and technological culture – new technologies, transport, industry.


Informal meetings will be arranged, inviting both foundation members and the general public, offering engaging encounters and across-the-board seminars, designed to stimulate organization and design creativity, a series of meetings with external guests who will share experiences to generate reflections and excite the Abruzzo world of industry and academia, with production and dissemination content and mechanisms of contemporary arts in view of a possible development of real, exportable design, with contemporary art and culture that in the long run will achieve the enhancement of interaction between people, culture, society and territories.

Projects will be carried out with international operating standards, adopting European assessment criteria which all invited associations must follow in the planning of tasks they will perform. They shall present projects that are able to engage an extensive audience, including via direct activities, and which will be evaluated on the basis of results achieved. Particular attention will be paid to self-financing methods for all actions, as well as correspondence with the evaluation criteria to be defined. Attention will be applied to putting in place a network of the most important venues already operating in various areas: visual and performing arts, sports, nature, gastronomy, etc.. The aim will be to enhance and promote the many picturesque locations in Abruzzo, especially in collaboration with public and private schools for every age group.

Multi-annual programmes will be developed, so that these ideas are properly circulated and shared by all, thus becoming actionable in the short and medium term. In the long run they will institute permanent arts spaces that will involve and represent all Abruzzo. In this respect, each province may indicate its own reference space, consistent with the extant historical and artistic situations, and the specific economic and socio-cultural reality, developing a project that is compatible and immediately operational, to be put in place step by step, with a gradual expansion of scope.

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