D/A/C 14

The Artists, the new “ideas sponsors” of the Companies to promote territory.


Saturday 22nd November a round table has taken place at Pescara Aurum space, it has been hosted by Cecilia Casorati and promoted by RAM radioartemobile and Fondazione ARIA. Mario Pieroni, the entrepreneurs Maurizio Felluga, Enrico Marramiero, Ottorino La Rocca ed Elena Petruzzi and the artists Getulio Alviani, Jean-Baptiste Decavèle and Liliana Moro have compared their experiences and decided the “common goals” to create a connection between art and business, to give new boost to the territory. The Councillor for Cultural Heritage, Paola Marchegiani, on behalf of Major Alessandrini, has opened the workshop, praising the active role of Fondazione Aria and of the other organizers in finally creating a connection between Art and Business according with European trends. Cecilia Casorati, new artistic director of Fondazione Aria, has introduced the topic of the “Common Aims” meeting, and has shown in few words the future cultural project of the foundation, aiming to create an actually operating synergy among artists, entrepreneurs, public and territory, in an international dimension. The Chairwoman of Fondazione Aria, Elena Petruzzi, has then highlighted the sharing of the D/A/C project philosophy, coherent with the common aim of moving the point of view from the single person to a collective dimension, promoting a new model of territory cultural developing. Mario Peroni, Chairman of RAM radioartemobile, D/A/C meetings inventor and promoter inside main European cities, has then showed the idea at the hearth of these meetings, saying dialogue between producers and artists wants to find new solutions not only to real practical problems, but also to every life aspect. He has then called upon Gentullio Alviani to speak. With a critical but positive speech, he has recalled that the artist commitment has always been, and continues to be, the one of creating in the present time with a look to the future. The entrepreneur from Friuli Maurizio Felluga has said art is able to be an added value for companies too, explaining how the “Vigne Museum”, realized by Yona Friedman and Jean-Baptiste Decavèle for the 100 birthday of his father Livio Felluga, in a short time has attracted tourist flows, giving benefits to his company, to the workers involved in its realization, but above all to the territory.

The artist Jean-Baptiste Decavèle has spoken about this piece of art, a big open building, that soon will be covered by one hundred new grapes, perfectly integrated with the territory. The artist has pointed out the complementarity between producers and artists. Enrico Marramiero, Chairman of Marramiero wine company, has highlighted the active role of Fondazione Aria that can’t set aside young people involvement in cultural projects, to give them the urge of working for the search of an ideal. Then he has explained how creativity today is a strategic resource to find innovative solutions at every level of the business. The Chairman of Valagro S.p.A. Ottorino La Rocca has declared that Aria too started putting together around a common idea about one hundred small and big entrepreneurs, artists, professional persons and people that only want to make territory more beautiful with culture. Aria will continue walking, creating new synergies with the ones who want to share territory growth ideal, leaving behind the negativity and looking with enthusiasm future goals”. The artist Liliana Moro from Milan, who has designed the table “Quattro stagioni”, around which the workshop has taken place, has told her “Public Art” experience. The artist has talked about the project she’s working on, given from Fondazione Zegna, highlighting the importance of the connection between piece of art and territory. In the end, Lucia Zappacosta has gone back through the history of Alviani ArtSpace, that she directs, which has become in no more than two years a landmark for young people creativity, not only in Abruzzo. The meeting, hosted in Pescara, is the 14th D/A/C, an acronym of Denominazione Artistica Condivisa (shared artistic appellation). The help desk at the entrance was an Alessandro Cannistrà piece of art called Oggetto di pensiero (2014).

To hear the workshop recording: RAM LIVE http://live.radioartemobile.it

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