Incontro Elio Fiorucci

6 October 2010
An appointment with… Elio Fiorucci
Abito (come) Abitare – tra progetto e mercato
G. d’Annunzio University, Faculty of Architecture, Aula Rossa

The first event, organized by Parallelo42 during Fondazione Aria’s inaugural phase, counted on the presence of artistElio Fiorucci, chosen for the creative spirit he embodies, for his remarkable relationship with art and his ability to transform his original, unconventional project into a “funky business” that is so cutting edge at a time of a world economic crisis, where there may be a whisper of recovery but there is a frightening loss of jobs, a looming need for new professions, and the need to innovate products and processes, and the rapport with work and society.

With Elio Fiorucci we wanted to tell students about his 40 years of uninterrupted creativity, dedicated to youth, and the author himself described how intuition becomes design and what happens to make a design become a product. At the Faculty of Architecture we talked about how the idea came about for the Fiorucci Store in Milan, with bar and library, where “everything is the image of sweetness and a therapeutic place, where people felt far from melancholy” but also of how the art project that wants to endow life with symbolic values, to become the design for a car that is a “welcoming home-shell on the move”. And then of how internationalization generates the need to innovate production methods and products continuously, to reduce the time-to-market with “limited edition collections created by talented young people that bring a smile”, and much more.

The meeting was packed with young people who were firing questions, curious about the life of a figure who has represented “Made in Italy” worldwide since 1962, because he has been able to restyle his image, always adding the highest cultural research to his production process, and always living in close contact with the leading figures of the most contemporary, future-oriented artistic research, from Pop Art to the Memphis group, etc.

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