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Saturday 20th February a meeting has taken place at Pescara Caffè Letterario with an outstanding guest, the journalist Marco Panara, for the second Fondazione Aria meeting dedicated to the memory.

At the event, moderated by the foundation artistic director Cecilia Casorati, a big audience has attended the very interesting  speech of one of the most authoritative Italian journalists, famous abroad too. Talking about fascinating but difficult changes, involving elements outside human control and transformations we can’t feel the magnitude of, because we live them every day, the journalist Marco Panara has precisely talked about the rapid and steady changes of society and work.

“The work is without doubt a way to support ourselves” the journalist said “but it is also the most social part of us where, using our talents, we achieve gratifications: capturing and identifying the signals of the very rapid world changing, many people has in fact turned their passion into a business”.

In this unstoppable process, among uncertainty and insecurity, but also curiosity, vitality and opportunities, we can’t suffer the change, we need to consciously go through it. Here acts memory, intended as identity, and not as nostalgia, the direction and centre of gravity of our human being.


Training has an important role and not only for the new generations we talk about re-training for the ones expelled from the world of works; the know-how has been replaced by the understanding and participation revealed itself as one of the most efficacious way to train and to avoid young and not so young people fear the changing. Generation changes, migrations, international communities, globalization created a competition among different world regions; welfare more or less expensive, words growing differently, inconstant society, technology and digitalisation are the topic discussed by the journalist from La Repubblica who, starting with examples from everyday reality and from his column Affari e Finanza (Business and Finance), has interacted with the public launching challenges for the future.

The so-called Platform economy, that monetizes and does “disintermediation”, will arrive into all the possible niches, from food to clothes to online calls for tenders for every kind of product or service and this process has to be seen as an opportunity. In the destructuring we create new possibilities: crafts and manual works are the answer for the future, while trading and finance are having a boom on transportation and logistics, legal and financial business, green economy and information technology;  creative arts and training are steady.


In the huge flow of information (industry 4.o, Internet of Things IOT, Big data) maybe privacy has to be given up for the sake of energy saving and science development. This is the beginning of a fourth industrial revolution where, after pushing biological potential limit, we aim to the modification of men biology, penetrating the unknown DNA territory, an unstoppable process that will necessarily involve ethic and personal identity, not to eliminate the diversity. A meeting very stimulating and relevant, where the Vice President of Fondazione Aria too has begun to speak, sharing with the journalist the optimism towards the new horizons  marked out by the “new economy”. Marco Panara speech has ended with a comment on the topic of memory, which you can see on a video.

The next meeting on the topic of memory will be with Stefano Mancuso and will deal with memory and plants intelligence. Browse the photo gallery on facebook.