Pescara for Abruzzo
Project description

Scienza Under 18 Pescara per l’Abruzzo, as a cultural centre tightly connected to the city and to the Region, works on science communication together with many associations working on the territory. The aim of the project is to excite a new passion for sciences, to give to young people essential tools to understand and live in this world. The project thread is the teaching method based on competencies building through active learning. Working close with territory reality has been a project peculiarity since the beginning and also the incentive creating a synergy between the Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo and Scienza under 18 Pescara. The joint work with the museum has started making summer projects for children from 5 to 11 years old.

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To favour the spreading of new learning and teaching methodologies working on students dynamic abilities.
To develop and manage initiatives to tell outside science produced inside schools by students at every level. Great attention is directed to students at the final high school years, whose projects come into a special section, called Scienza near 18. To promote and realize research projects and training paths on the connection among teaching, learning and science communication.
To stimulate dialogue and interaction between school scientific know-how and the one of institutions (university, industry, research bodies, foundations, associations), aiming to extend the project to every territory level (regional, national, European). To fight school dropout.


Main receivers: students of every age and school, all the citizens. Secondary receivers: teachers, families, citizens, scientific researchers, scientific journalists, scientific operators.

Involved Actors/Bodies

Carla Antonioli, scientific coordinator of the project, science teacher at the Mazzini secondary school in Pescara. Science subjects teachers involved in the city, district and region projects.
Scientific Committee: Adriana Valente (Irpps Cnr Roma), Maria Cristina Prosperi (Italian and Latin teacher), Elena Del Grosso (Bologna University), Fabrizio Masciangioli (Rai journalist), Maria Francesca De Cecco (Airc Abruzzo and Molise), Pietro Danise (National Coordinator Su18).

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2014 events

International Holocaust Remembrance Day between science and hostory (Su18, Università d’Annunzio, Museo delle Genti, ICPE3, Da Vinci…) – 27th January 2014. Darwin day – 12th February 2014. “Mi illumino di meno” (from nursery to secondary school) “pupil tutor of adults” – 17th February 2014. “The day of the Earth” (integrated project with territory environmentalist and cultural associations: WWF, MILADONNAMBIENTE, ECOISTITUTO, ITALIA NOSTRA, FONTEVECCHIA, GRUPPO ALHENA) – 22nd April 2014. Science Festival (regional event – Villa Sabucchi) – 8th and 9th May 2014. Symposium on nutrition (regional event – Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo). Science photos (regional event – Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo). Gardens in the city (Mazzini schoolyard). Let’s go with Caretta (marina).

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