International painting in Chieti and Atri until 2/9

Exhibitions of international painters will remain on show until September 2 in Chieti and Atri (Teramo). Also this year the Aria Foundation hosts in Abruzzo with the project Stills of Peace and everyday Life, which promotes the diffusion of intercultural dynamics and social integration through contemporary artistic languages. The Fondazione Aria, under the chairmanship of Alessandro Di Loreto, focuses on interculturality: for the fifth consecutive year, it leads, through art, to the colors and traditions of countries such as Pakistan, Spain, France, China and this year Morocco.
In Chieti, at the Barbella museum the paintings and tapestries of Fathiya Tahiri, the Moroccan painter who experiments lines and masses, the plastic and material research through the vibrations and the suggestions of colors are on display.
“The meeting with Fathiya took place 16 years ago and has never been interrupted ever since”, explains the exhibition’s curator, Paolo de Grandis, the man who conceived the installations of the Venice Biennale in pavilions outside the gardens; authority in its sector. An inborn flair for talents, De Grandis has curated over 110 exhibitions in over twenty years; an innovator by vocation, he has always had the desire to bring art out of the canonical and museum seats and that. The coordination was entrusted to Carlotta Scarpa and to the Pdg arte comunications in collaboration with the Gallery 38 of Casablanca.
“Fathiya wanted to donate to the Barbella museum of Chieti a painting realized the night before the inauguration that took place on July 8th and who knows that this is not the beginning of a lasting bond with the city of Chieti”, says Paolo De Grandis. This year the marathon that promotes contemporary art Stills of Peace has also returned to Atri where the documentaries ‘Amazigh: Berbers of Morocco’ by Luciano D’Angelo are presented by Sandra Fiore and ‘Come una magia’ by Paolo Dell ‘Elce. Also in Atri, in the Acquaviva building, until September 2 it will be possible to admire the paintings by Fatiha Zemmouri in the exhibition entitled ‘Materia prima’ curated by Paolo de Grandis. By Antonio Zimarino, on the other hand, is the exhibition of paintings by Alberto di Fabio, the avezzanese painter considered an excellence. Di Fabio is the only living Italian painter whose paintings can be found in the Gagosian Art Gallery in London, Los Angeles, New York, Athens and Geneva: a stable that includes Cecily Brown, John Currin, Jenny Saville and others great of contemporary art. (HANDLE).