Ascoli Piceno, Castelbasso, Pescara, three contemporary destinations in the centre of Italy: from the 26th July to the 6th September ARTE IN CENTRO comes back, a project born in 2014 to realize a contemporary art centre between Abruzzo and Marche. Connecting the three existing experiences of Associazione Arte Contemporanea in Ascoli Piceno, of Fondazione Malvina Menegaz per le Arti e le Culture in Castelbasso and the Fondazione Aria – Fondazione Industriale Adriatica in Pescara, the ARTE IN CENTRO system has hardened, showing a unique project, shared in a diffused exhibition, connecting about 7.000 square kilometres. By Andrea Bruciati, the exhibition – inside the residencies of Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea Osvaldo Licini in Ascoli Piceno, Palazzo Clemente and Palazzo De Sanctis in Castelbasso, Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo and Spazio Matta in Pescara – develops the ARTE IN CENTRO format creating a bridge between territory roots and contemporary research. The connection between the contemporary, open by definition to an international dimension, and places identity, with their cultural and environmental heritage, is the fundamental challenge shaping this edition too: “The main idea of the project, in fact, is to create a network that can be a shared laboratory for the lateral idea of building a proper site where we can talk with the territory. Lateral and suburban, suburban and different: the alterity is the quality for a strong identity”, as Bruciati has said. Ph. Gino Di Paolo.

eventi arte_in_centroThe 2015 edition of ARTE IN CENTRO.
Mete contemporanee (Contemporary destinations) becomes the ideal scenario for a “different consideration” on Italian history of art. To explore it, the director is inspired by a quote from Acerba Etas, Cecco D’Ascoli (1269 – 1327) unfinished masterpiece: “We don’t sing to the world of the frogs”, already used by the avant-garde literary journal “Lacerba” (1913) as the motto of a thought renewal guided by the artist creative genius. So we start with three masters – Gina Pane, Gino De Dominicis, Pino Pascali – marking out their heir inside the work of the most interesting artist from the following generations. After this comparison emerges a game of similarities and common feelings, also useful as a study platform of history crossing the XX century and coming to our days.

Pescara exhibition has been organized by Fondazione Area, with Pino Pascali (Bari 1935 – Rome 1968) as its protagonist. The exhibition is located inside Pescara urban environment, inside the two venues of Museo delle Genti d’Abruzzo and the Spazio Matta where, together with Pino Pascali, Pierpaolo Campanini, Federico Tosi e Invernomuto, Simone Berti, Rossella Biscotti face each other.

From Tuesday to Sunday, 18:30-22:30
Admission in the two venues for 5 euro – cheap fare 4 euro

Besides, the exhibition has been followed by some cultural events. Here there is the programme and a video reportage.

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