Italia and China: a search for the meaning of the Contemporary

Stills of Peace and Everyday Life” is a project promoted by the Fondazione Aria, based on an experimental premise for creation of art and culture “events” inspired by the encounter, communication and knowledge of different cultural traditions worldwide.

The challenge of Stills of Peace project is to move artistic resources and make them available to the community to study and understand better the dynamics that link Italy and the rest of the world. Three exhibitions will be organized, reflecting the spirit of the project which is to involve the spectator by promoting the knowledge of the other, stimulating critical meaning and encouraging interaction practices.
The project is articulated in various actions and directions, it aims to engage young people in the upcoming edition and encourage the integration of new generations by inviting them to participation and action. For this reason was organized a preview event called “Cina Day” meeting high school and university students, it was a public event of confrontation on what we know or worth knowing about China’s complex identity today. The event took place on May 3, 2017, aiming to maximize the events that will be planned at Atri from July to September 2017, as well as to make known the project and the practices carried out by Stills of Peace in previous editions, as well as to find possible convergences for involvement actions.

Ma.Co. / Marathon of Contemporary Art
15-16 and 17 July, 2017 / Atri

Yahon Chang – Impromptu
16 July- 3 September, 2017
Scuderie di Palazzo Acquaviva / Atri (TE)
curated by Paolo De Grandis, Maria Rus Bojan, Francise Chang
Coordinator: Carlotta Scarpa, PDG Arte Communications
Open all day 10am – 12.30pm, 5am – 7.30pm, 9pm – 11pm

Matteo Basilè – “Starting from ThisHumanity”
16 July – 3 September, 2017
Scuderie di Palazzo Acquaviva / Atri (TE)
curated by Antonio Zimarino
Open all day 10am – 12.30pm, 5am – 7.30pm, 9pm – 11pm

The Dongba cultureFrom Naxi pictographs to contemporary art by Zhang Chun He
16 July – 1 October, 2017
Museo Capitolare / Atri (TE)
curated by Filippo Lanci, Astrid Narguet and Lucilla Stefoni
Open from Tusday to Sunday 10am – 12pm, 4pm – 6pm

CINEMA FESTIVAL Curated by Pino Bruni
Monday 17 July 2017
Monday 24 August 2017
Sunday 30 July 2017
Monday 7 August 2017
Monday 28 August 2017
Chiostro della Cattedrale, Atri – 9pm
Sunday 3 September 2017
Teatro Comunale, Atri – 9pm

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