Italy and France: a search for the meaning of the Contemporary

There’s a true cultural marathon invading the ducal city of Atri with two contemporary art collective and 24 artists, an exhibition of art films and many Art Talk that, in the third edition of the Stills of Peace project, pay homage to France also to keep in touch with the crucial events that hit Europe and the whole world in 2016 .

Also this project has been awarded by Important patronages: first of all, the French Embassy and the French Institute of Culture in Italy that led to the collaboration with the important Villa Medici, the French Academy in Rome participating today in the cultural and artistic exchanges with the Abruzzo Region. Alongside French institutions, for the third consecutive year, there is the Dante Alighieri Society in Rome that aims to protect and spread the Italian language and culture throughout the world, and new important collaborations with “G. d’Annunzio University”in Chieti and Pescara and with the University of Teramo.

The opening was in Atri, an event by “Ma.Co.” held Friday, 8th July: the first Marathon of Contemporary Art, a real three-days festival that, 8th, 9th and 11th July, hosted artists and curators for a focus on artistic production, and that also welcomed photographers, gallery owners, journalists and cultural professionals to start a comparison with the public sector and with the institutions on the topic of inter cultural dynamics through artistic contemporary languages.

An international context that animated the first Marathon of Contemporary Art within the Stills of Peace and Everyday Life / Fragments of Peace and Everyday Life project that, after meeting Pakistan and Spain, this year confronts us with our French cousins, emphasizing on serenity for that we shouldn’t stop looking in our everyday life… in spite of everything.

Ma.Co. / Marathon of Contemporary Art
8th, 9th and 11th July, 2016 / Atri
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Stills of Peace / Dehors
8th July – 4th September 2016
Museo Capitolare / Cisterna Romana della Cattedrale / Atri (TE)
Exhibition curated by Claudio Libero Pisano
Opening time: 10am – 12pm / 3.30pm – 7pm / 9pm – 11pm

Artists: Ziad Antar / Bertille Bak / Adelaide Cioni / Lionel Estève /Matteo Fato
Myriam Laplante / Lek&Sowat / Luana Perilli / Paride Petrei /Gioacchino Pontrelli / Enrico Tealdi / Raphael Thierry

Stills of Peace / Clarté
8th July – 21st August 2016
Scuderie Ducali di Palazzo Acquaviva / Atri (TE)
Exhibition curated by Antonio Zimarino and Mariano Cipollini
Opening time: 9.30am – 12.30pm / 5pm – 7.30pm / 9pm – 11pm

Artists: Linda Carrara / Sabrina D’Alessandro / Brunella Fratini /Miranda Gibilisco
Francesco Impellizzeri / Minus.log / Marco Rapattoni /Alessandro Rosa / Massimo Ruiu / Guido Silveri

Two exhibitions of contemporary art: ‘DEHORS’, curated by Claudio Libero Pisano, housed in the Roman Cistern of Atri Cathedral and the Cathedral Museum belonging to it; ‘CLARTÉ’ curated by Antonio Zimarino and Mariano Cipollini staged in the Ducal Stables of Palazzo Acquaviva.

Confirmed for the second year, there’s the festival of Art Cinema CinéFrance, curated by Pino Bruni, taking place for six Mondays in the Cloister of the Cathedral. The viewer will be guided to the vision of an unusual filmography in original language; movie throbbing cultural events, among the best French films of all time, especially of the last twenty years, with an eye on the young generations, highlighting issues related to immigration and integration, to the world of crime that lurks in certain strata of French company, to another kind of symbolic struggle that appeals to optimism and commitment of not letting themselves to be overcome by events, remaining faithful to proper principles and ideals.

ph. Stefano Pollio