“Silenzio Per Favore” (Silence, Please) is an exhibition dedicated to video art. Designed to offer new possibilities to talk about art and culture, it has the purpose to restore contact between people and places through return to meet each other again, meaning contemporary art as a living instrument of connection and synergy. For young artists “Silenzio Per Favore” is an opportunity to make himself known in emerging  tourist destinations places, with historical significance, interested in mutual enhancement and dialogue, in order to reach sustainable growth of the entire Abruzzo region. Aria – Fondazione Industriale Adriatica (Aria – Adriatic Industrial Foundation) has always promoted contemporary art, focusing on the local territory as a necessary and helpful resource to draw from to rebuild the local territory itself, thanks to new exchanges.

Aria – Fondazione Industriale Adriatica has collected 10 videos in a single DVD and chose 6 places which will host the meetings, where this videos will be screened.  Videos , collected in a DVD as artworks inside a suitcase, are easy to understand. The places that host the event are specifically evaluated for cultural, landscape and hospitality. The artwork projected in the places chosen contribute to innovate the traditional tourist routes.

The videos will be visible throughout the period of the exhibition called “Arte In Centro (Art in Center).