Fondazione ARIA was founded in 2011, with the purpose to favor the encounter of managers, professionals, intellectuals and artists within a sort of a modern cultural circle, able to inaugurate a new era for the relation between Arts and Business, companies and promotion of the territory.


This is the reason why we conceived a program of activities that makes a crossroads of artists and cultures out of Abruzzi territory, through the language of contemporary international art. We have spent the last ten years building exchanges and relations, with the strong belief that artists’ abilities need to be given a voice to really foster a territory and all the cultural and historical-artistic features of which it is bearer.

Fondazione ARIA wishes today to corroborate its statutory objectives using five keywords to narrate our identity.


Art is the language and the common ground. A force able to activate positive energies. We encourage the production of contemporary art, as an impulse to an economic and social growth of the Abruzzi territory.


The business world is our own challenge. Our projects are the means by which we innovate the role of the entrepreneur who, through his open dialogue with the creators, becomes the driving force of the social progress, positively impacting the citizens quality of life, too.


Dialogue means openness to confrontation. We bring distant cultures and knowledge closer. That’s why we call us a crossroads: a common ground where art generates contamination, innovation and mutual understanding, bringing our values to life.


We were born in Abruzzo, our look always pointed at the Adriatic sea. Our territory inspires our action. Entrepreneurship is our way to actively contribute to general wealth, and our action of cultural promotion bears the same sensibility.


There is no culture without plurality, that’s why internationalism shapes our work. We bring distant knowledge and traditions into our territory, exploring every artistic occurrence, certain that this vision is the right way to carry peace and progress.

Become a partner

ARIA partners acknowledge that inducing an ongoing dialogue between art, entrepreneurship and society is the foremost way of fostering the territory and innovating the entrepreneur and professional roles. The Foundation provides an open common ground, where all those who wish to actively contribute to the achievement of our goals are welcome.

Entering the life of ARIA means the access to private premieres, events, artists’ talks and to a number of available current publications.

Board of Directors


Chairperson: Dante Marianacci
Deputy Vice-Chair: Ottorino La Rocca
Board Members: Luigi Biondi / Cristina Cataldi Madonna / Tiziana Forte / Marina Marino / Giuseppe Pace

Director: Giovanna Dello Iacono
Administration: Marco Pace
Treasurer: Giuseppe Pace